Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Toward a Better Government

"If both of you and the king who reigns over you will follow the Lord your God, it will be well." I Samuel 12.14

The children of Israel, in this passage, were embarking on the greatest adventure they had attempted since their escape from slavery in Egypt. They had crowned a king and were in the process of accepting the responsibilities of organized government. The responsibilities which rest upon citizens, especially in a democracy, are equal in every respect to those which rest upon the head of state, by whatever title he or she may be known.

It is not the form of government under which a people lives which makes the nation great; it is rather the character of the people which determines the dignity and stature of the state. A truly great people can have a great life under any one of several forms of government. But no political philosophy or form of government can save a people whose hearts are corrupt.

At the moment when the little Hebrew state was ready to take its first timid step along the path of history, the prophet Samuel enunciated this first principle of stable government: "If you and your king will follow the Lord your God, you will succeed." The responsibility for the new venture was evenly divided between the king and the people. Neither could make a great state without the help and dedication of the other. 

Last November we prepared for one of the most critical presidential elections ever in the history of our country. The success of our new President may very well determine the fate of our country and our way of life! Therefore, it becomes even more imperative that we, as Christians and with no regard to our political stand, begin to behave as partners in government according to the Biblical model of obedience to the laws and precepts of the Lord God. 

Finally, we must pray for those now in positions of authority that they will do the same. In a political system like ours, we get the kind of government we deserve! If you continually refuse to exercise the rights guaranteed you under the constitution, eventually you will forfeit those rights.

Pastor Ray

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